First Indian language novel to win the Booker Prize...

Gitanjali Shree's 'Sand Samadhi' wins International Booker Prize

London: Delhi-based writer Gitanjali Shree's Hindi novel 'Rat Samadhi' (Tomb of Sand) has won the International Booker Prize. 'Rat Samadhi' has become the first novel in any Indian language to win the prestigious International Booker Prize. His novel has been translated into English by Daisy Rockwell. It is the first Hindi-language novel to be selected for the £50,000 prize. It was among the 13 books in the world that were included in the list for the International Booker Prize.

Booker Prize said in a tweet, "Congratulations to Gitanjali Shri and @shreedaisy". Bengali writer Arunav Sinha tweeted that "Yes! Translator Daisy Rockwell and author Geetanjali Shree won the International Booker for 'Sand Samadhi'. First win for a Hindi novel, an Indian novel, a South Asian novel... Congratulations!"

Geetanjali Shree is the author of many short stories and novels. His 2000 novel Mai was shortlisted for the Crossword Book Award in 2001. He took his prize of £50,000 and shared it with the book's English translator, Daisy Rockwell..