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An appeal to those who take care of the needs of others

The whole world is currently defending the Kovid-19 Corona, on the other hand, due to the lockdown, all types of small and big industries, including the resources of private and public traffic, construction works, factories, service shop office rooms etc. Everything is locked. Because of this, the problem of starving in front of thousands of families is standing there.

The amount of money or financial aid that is being provided by the government is like a zeal in the mouth of a schooner. The declaration or arrangement made by the government is not necessarily followed in its correct form and manner. This is the reason, so far, someone has got 10 kg flour once in a month and 500 rupees added to Jan Dhan accounts and no one has got anything. And it is enough for the people being given by the government for a month! Who has time to think about it? Because the working class and the common man have to face the troublemakers.

Not only the working class, middle class people, who, despite having no means of regular income, were living their lives in some way or the other by doing some work of their own, due to this lockdown. is. Their problem has never been seen by any politician or government nor has they paid attention to this class. These people are those people who cannot even spread their hands to ask for help in front of anyone because their self-respect might not be acceptable.

If people who earn their daily and fill their families, did not have the support of social institutions, social workers and donors, then more people die of starvation than they have ever done. But thank God that there are some angels who take care of the hunger and thirst of others in the country. Those who understand the need of the people try to fulfill it. There are various organizations of the city which are constantly engaged in helping people. One such organization is The Faith of Public Student Welfare and Education Committee which through its limited resources and members has been providing the items of need to the people for the last one month. But due to limited resources with the organization, now the members of the institution are also facing many economic problems.

To deal with this problem, every sincere person is expected to be concerned about others. He has a humble request to help in whatever way he can in the philanthropy of the institution. Do it You should ensure your participation in this philanthropic work by giving food, sanitizer, mask or financial support to the organization. Best regards

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