Russia's major missile attack on Ukraine

 Rail and buildings were targeted, 22 killed, 50 injured 

Russia has launched a major missile attack on eastern Ukraine. The missile attack targeted trains and buildings in eastern Ukraine. At least 22 people are reported to have died in this missile attack. And 50 people were injured. This information was given by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to the United Nations Security Council on 24 August. Zelensky reported that "Russia launched a missile attack on a railway station in the (central) Dnipropetrovsk region. The attack killed 22 people and injured about 50."

On the war front, Russia's offensive in eastern Ukraine continues. In the past 24 hours just before the missile attack, Russian security forces launched attacks on several cities and villages in Donetsk province, killing one person and injuring two others. The officials of Donetsk province gave this information. In the Dypropetrovsk region to the south, Russian forces bombed the cities of Nikopol and Marhanets, damaging several buildings. Dipropetrovsk governor Valentin Reznichenko said two people were injured in the attacks. Russian troops also opened fire in the city of Zaporizhzhya, damaging several buildings and other structures but with no casualties.

On the other hand, Ukraine celebrated its Independence Day on Wednesday amid the ongoing war with Russia. Meanwhile, 6 months have also been completed since the Russian attack on Ukraine. The residents of Kyiv woke up on Wednesday morning after hearing sirens. Officials banned large gatherings in the capital, fearing Russia might bomb in the wake of the national holiday. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on people to be vigilant. Before Russia's missile strike, Zelensky said in a statement that "there is a possibility of Russian provocation and barbaric attack". Please strictly follow the safety rules. Pay attention to the siren. Pay attention to official announcements. Remember - we will all win together.' The apprehension proved correct and Russia launched a vigorous missile attack on eastern Ukraine.