Do you know about their colors !

Colorful Milestones On The Roadside Says A Lot

When we go on a journey, we see some stones on the side of the road. Although now is the era of glow sign board, but still in today's modern era, along with telling the distance, a lot is hidden in the colorful coding of these stones.

The green, yellow, black or orange color of these stones tells us a lot. It also happens, but do you know about their colors.

Actually, these colors have a special meaning. If you see a yellow milestone on a road side, then understand that you are traveling on the National Highway. At present, the network of National Highway has spread to about 1.01 lakh km in the country. The responsibility of these roads in the country rests with the National Highway Authority of India.

If you see a green milestone, then understand that road is a state highway. Which is constructed by the state governments. Next to it, SH is also seen written.

White or black colored milestones are also visible. Information is given about the roads of this district. Which is built by the local administration. Sometimes blue is also used for this.

If you see an orange colored milestone during the journey, then you are walking on Prime Minister's Rural Road. Such roads are being built to connect villages with cities.