only defector will become MLA…??

Congress or BJP who will win on 9 seats !


Political enthusiasts are fast in the state regarding the by-election. Disgruntled leaders, disgusted with not getting tickets, have revolted from the party and taken refuge in other parties. While the BJP has fielded 25 candidates who joined the BJP after rebelling from the Congress, on the other hand, the Congress has also played a part of defection to win the by-elections and fielded candidates from the BJP-BSP. In these situations, the situation has become such that the candidate who will win the nine assembly out of 28 Vidhan Sabha will be a defectionist party. In these seats, both BJP and Congress have given tickets to the people who joined the party by changing the party.

There are nine seats under these circumstances, on which no one wins, but the legislature party will be the one to change. These seats are Sumavali and Ambah in Morena district, Gwalior East and Dabra in Gwalior district, Bhander in Datia district, Karaira in Shivpuri, Bamori in Guna district, Surkhi in Sagar and Saver in Indore. Under these circumstances, where BJP has given tickets to 25 leaders from Congress, Congress has given tickets to six from BJP, two from BSP and one from Bahujan Sangharsh Dal.

 Who is in the nine seats:

·         East of Gwalior: Munnalal Goyal (BJP candidate), Satish Sikarwar (Congress candidate), Mahesh Baghol (BSP candidate)

·         Ambah: Kamlesh Jatav (BJP candidate), Satyaprakash Sikarwar (Congress candidate), Bhanuprakash Singh Sakhwar (BSP candidate)

·         Dabra: Imrati Devi (BJP candidate), Suresh Raje (Congress candidate), Santosh Gaur (BSP candidate)

·         Bhander: Raksha Santram Sarounia (BJP candidate), Phool Singh Baraiya (Congress candidate), Mahendra Buddhist (BSP candidate)

·         Karaira: Jasmant Jatav Chitri (BJP candidate), Pragilal Jatav (Congress candidate), Rajendra Jatav (BSP candidate)

·         Bamouri: Mahendra Singh Sisodia (BJP candidate), Kanhaiyalal Aggarwal (Congress candidate), Ramesh Dabur (BSP candidate)

·         Sanwar: Tulsi Silavat (BJP candidate), Premchand Guddu (Congress candidate), Vikram Singh Gehlot (BSP candidate)

·         Surkhi: Govind Singh Rajput (BJP candidate), Parul Sahu (Congress candidate), Gopal Prasad Ahirwar (BSP candidate)

·         Sumavali: Edalsingh Kanshana (BJP candidate), Ajab Singh Kushwaha Rahul Dandautia (BSP candidate)