After 8 hours of inquiry, UP was assigned to STF…
Ujjain police arrested UP's Most Advanced Vikas Dubey

Ujjain police of Madhya Pradesh held a press conference on Thursday regarding gangster Vikas Dubey. Ujjain SP Manoj Kumar Singh said that we have arrested the most wanted criminal Vikas Dubey of Uttar Pradesh today. We questioned Vikas Dubey for 8 hours. He was handed over to UP STF. Manoj Kumar Singh said that Vikas Dubey is a resident of Kanpur. There was an alert in the whole country about Vikas Dubey. And two days ago, I sat in the police control room and alerted everyone. SP Manoj Singh informed about the arrest of Vikas Dubey. The SP said that anti-goon campaign is going on in Ujjain. We have taken action against 100 goons in June. We are searching all the goons who are coming from outside. Manoj Singh said that today Vikas Dubey visited the Mahakal temple,

There he reached the store of Rajesh Mali to get flowers and offerings. Because the television was going on, the gardener was aware of his face. Manoj Singh said that Mali called Rahul and Dharmendra, the guards of the private security agency in Mahakal premises. Vikas Dubey also took a ticket of Rs 250 for Darshan. We have made complete arrangements online to see Mahakal Baba. Only after making the online pass, someone goes inside and there is a separate arrangement for VIP darshan. And under the same arrangement, he took a ticket of 250 rupees. SP Manoj Singh said that after this, the guards of the Private Security Agency informed the Mahakal Complex police station.

As soon as Vikas Dubey came out after seeing him, the guards asked him his name. Vikas Dubey mispronounces his name. When the guards got suspicious, they seriously questioned Vikas Dubey. Later he told that that development is submerged. After this he was taken to the police station. Senior officers also reached the police station and had a serious questioning. Manoj Singh said that we contacted the SSP of Kanpur. We talked to UP STF. After talking we asked for his photo. Later UP STF reached Ujjain. We have handed over Vikas Dubey to STF. STF has left for Kanpur regarding Vikas Dubey. The SP of Ujjain said that we kept Vikas Dubey in custody first. We questioned him deeply. He was questioned for 8 hours. What Vikas Dubey told in the inquiry, SP Manoj Singh did not give information about it.