Big stir on the India-China border…
Indian Air Force deploys fighter jets at forward airbase

New Delhi. In the midst of tensions with China, the Indian Air Force is fully prepared. Fighter aircraft have been deployed at Forward Air Base. The MiG 29 UPG and Apache helicopter were landed on the LAC. The Indian Air Force is watching the movement of the enemy. A squadron leader posted at Forward Airbase said that all the air warriors present here are fully trained. He said, "Every air warrior at this base and in the Air Force is fully trained and capable of facing all challenges.

Our enthusiasm has always been high and the sky is touching with pride. "A wing commander of the Air Force said that we have all kinds of resources to deal with any challenge. He said, "The Indian Airforce is ready from every aspect to provide the requisite support for all types of operation tasks and military operations." Indian Air Force fighter aircraft are continuously flying from the airbase. Officials said that they are fully prepared to deal with any kind of situation. Let us know that Apache helicopter is one of the most powerful fighter aircraft in the world. 

Significantly, since the June 15 clash in the Galvan valley, there is a situation of tension between India and China. Twenty soldiers of India were martyred in this skirmish. The Chinese army also suffered a large number of casualties but China is not releasing the figures. After the skirmish, the Commander Level meetings of both countries were held. Both countries emphasized that the tension on the border should be reduced as soon as possible. India has already said that it hopes that China will implement this. China is claiming the Galvan Valley, which India has rejected outright.