Big step towards self-reliant India…
PM Modi gave app innovation challenge to youth

New Delhi. After banning 59 Chinese apps, PM Modi has inspired the youth to move towards self-reliant India. For this, he called upon the youth to launch the self-reliant India App Innovation Challenge, to make apps. For this, PM Modi has launched the self-reliant India App Innovation Challenge. It has been launched to help start-ups and the tech community under the self-sufficient India mission. 

PM Modi tweeted that today when the whole country is moving towards realizing the dream of a self-reliant India, then it is a good opportunity to encourage such efforts to create apps that satisfy our market with- Can compete with the world as well. Also, PM Modi said that our youth should also go ahead and make Indian apps like Facebook, Twitter. He shared his thoughts on LinkedIn and said that I will also join such apps that you have created. In this regard, tweeting that between the tech and start-up community today, there is immense enthusiasm for making world class Made in India apps. 

In such a situation, @GoI_MeitY and @AIMtoInnovate are starting an innovation challenge to encourage their ideas and products. This challenge will work on two tracks - promoting existing apps. The government will support apps with categories in the categories of e-learning, work from home, gaming, business, entertainment, office utilities and social networking. Track-1 will identify good quality apps working in mission mode. Apart from this, facilities will be provided from the level of identification to market penetration to create new apps and platforms under Track-2. 

Significantly, on June 15, after the martyrdom of 20 soldiers in a skirmish with China in the Galvan Valley, India made a digital strike and banned 59 of China's apps. After that, going to Leh on Friday, PM Modi said that with the courage shown by the Indian Army, the world got the message of India's strength. At the same time, without naming any country, he said that the era of expansionism is over and this era is of developmentism.