Conversations held in NSA Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister…
China agreed to reduce tension on the border

New Delhi. After nearly three months of deadlock, India and China have agreed to reduce tensions. On Sunday, special representatives of the two countries held talks, after which both sides agreed on disengagement and de-escalation. In addition, China has agreed with India on restoring the status quo like May on the border. After the June 15 incident, India's attitude towards China completely changed. India also took several steps to convey the message to China, while three meetings were held at the Corps Commander level, twice at the diplomatic level. But China stuck to its stand. PM Modi's visit to Leh on Friday made India's stance absolutely clear. PM Modi gave a clear message to China directly from Leh. 

Sources said that after the PM's visit, India-China dialogue continued for 48 hours and on Sunday there was a 2-hour extended dialogue between the representatives of the two countries, in which both countries agreed to reduce tension on the border. Have become. Negotiations between India and China at the foreign representative level have been done before. So far, 22 rounds of talks have been held at the special representative level. NSA Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the talks on Sunday which lasted for about 2 hours. Recent events in the western sector of the India-China border were discussed in the meeting. In the meeting, the entire disengagement of the two armies and de-escalation and peace restoration from the border areas was agreed, while the disengagement process was also agreed to speed up. 

Sources said that China has also agreed to create a status quo like May, while the structures that were built will also be removed. India and China agreed that the LAC should be strictly followed and the status quo should not be changed unilaterally. According to the statement of the Ministry of External Affairs, talks will continue at the military and political level as well and special representatives of the two countries will also hold talks, so that peace can be ensured. At the same time, India and China will work together so that future peace-breaking incidents do not occur. At the same time, the Foreign Ministry of China also gave information on yesterday's talks and reiterated that the two countries will work in this direction so that the differences do not become a dispute.