Addressing the countrymen through the 'Mann Ki Baat'…
India knows how to respond: PM Modi

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the countrymen through his long-running monthly radio program 'Mann Ki Baat', gave a strong message to China that India knows not only friendship but also eye-to-eye challenge. Though it was the 66th episode of 'Mann Ki Baat', this was the first time after the bloody clash between India and China in Ladakh when PM Modi addressed the 'Mann Ki Baat' program. In 'Mann Ki Baat', PM Modi said, "In Ladakh, people who have raised their eyes towards India have got a befitting reply. India knows how to maintain friendship and it also knows to challenge it with an eye to eye." He said, "The whole nation is bowing down the valor of our brave soldiers who have been martyred in Ladakh. The whole nation is grateful to them, bowing before them. The sense of pride in their families on the sacrifice of their brave sons and country." That is the strength of the country. PM Modi said, "Today in the defense sector, in the field of technology, India is constantly trying to move forward, India is taking steps towards self-sufficiency.

No mission can be completed without public participation. Therefore, as a citizen, determination, dedication and cooperation of all of us is very important in the direction of self-reliant India. You will buy local, be vocal for local. It is also a service to the country in a way. "Regarding looking at 2020 as an inauspicious year, he said," When will this year be spent? Now it has become a common question among people. People want it as soon as possible Soon this year passes. Difficulties come, crises come, but the question is whether these disasters should make us consider the year 2020 to be bad? My dear countrymen, not at all. A challenge will come in a year or fifty Challenges. That year does not get spoiled as the numbers are low enough. "Speaking about India's behavior towards the countries of the world, the Prime Minister said," Vidya vivadhaya dhanan maday, shakti: parshan paripidnay. Protection. That means one who is evil by nature uses knowledge in dispute, money is used in arrogance and power is used to trouble others> But gentleman's knowledge is for knowledge, money to help and strength to protect. India has always used its strength with this spirit. '

 Speaking about India's tradition of going ahead even in the face of adversity, the PM said, "It is said here in us, creation is eternal, creation is continuous. What does it say every now and then that the stream of Ganga flows?" Our virtuous flow flows from age to age. Will they be able to stop it, the erasers will disappear. What a hindrance to pebble and stone came? While there were big crises on one side in India, while removing all obstacles, many and many creations were also done. New literature was created, new research was done, new theories were formulated, that is, the process of creation continued in every field even during the crisis and our culture flourished. "The country has come out of lockdown now" And the unlocking process has started, but during this time more vigilance has to be exercised than lockdown. Wearing a mask and making two yards is very important. Do not be careless. Take care of yourself and others too. In the same year, the country will achieve new goals, fly new, touch new heights. I have full faith in the power of 130 crore countrymen, you all have great tradition of this country. '