to reduce tensions…
India-China will now meet every week

New Delhi. After the Galvan violent clash, India and China will now meet every week to reduce tensions rising. In addition to the officials of the Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Home Affairs, military commanders will also attend the meeting. The meeting will take place under WMCC (Working Mechanism for Counseling and Coordination). The WMCC also had a meeting last week via video conferencing. According to sources, during this period, China did not make any mention of its soldiers killed during the violent skirmish on Galvan Valley on 15 June.

Although India has already mentioned the number of its martyred soldiers, but China is still silent. Sources said that in the talks, China blamed India for the clash in Galvan. China had earlier held India responsible for the incident in a press conference. China sought to follow the 1959 map to deal with the border dispute. However, India rejected it. Even before 1962, this map sought to solve the problem. Even then India rejected it. China said- they had made a proposal long ago to settle the border dispute. India should respond to this.

Details of the proposal were not disclosed in the meeting. During the meeting China raised the issue of border dispute with Nepal and accused India of being an expansionist. India reacted strongly to this and dismissed the allegations. In the wake of the Galvan clash and the current situation on the border, India gave a two-sided message to China on 26 June. India has said that China's efforts to change the situation on the border will affect bilateral relations. He will react. Indian Ambassador to China, Vikram Misri said that now there is only one way for China to rectify the situation, it should stop building new structures.