It can be found in which country a product is made…
Download Indian Replace It To Leave Chinese Apps

With the help of the Replace It app on the Google Play Store, users can not only recognize Chinese apps, but can also replace them with Indian apps offering similar features. Apart from this, users also get the facility to scan barcodes, which can be found in which country a product is made. new Delhi. Which app in your smartphone is Chinese and instead of which other app you can download, there is no need for Mathapachi for this. Install the Indian app named Replace It from Google Play Store and it will answer these important questions. With the help of Replace It app, not only will you be able to recognize Chinese apps, but you can also remove them from your phone and install them in other India-made apps. 

The Replace It app on the Play Store has so far downloaded thousands of users and is rated 4.9 stars. This app has been prepared by Ankit Aggarwal from Vidisha, Maharashtra. This app gives users five different types of features. First of all, with the help of this, in which country the apps present in the phone are made, it will be known. The special thing is that Replace It also adjusts other apps offering users similar features. In such a situation, after scanning the phone, TicketLock not only tells the app to be Chinese, but also features features like - Bolo India, to replace it with friends and Roposo apps. Apart from this, users will also get the option to scan barcodes with its help.

By scanning the barcode, the app will tell the user in which country the product is made. In addition, this app is also giving information related to corona infection in one section. Developer Ankit says that the inspiration to create this app has come from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's self-reliant India campaign. With this help, users will be able to decide which app to keep in the phone and which one to delete. Let me tell you, since the tense situation on the border between India and China, users have been demanding to buy Chinese products and apps. In such a situation, the Replace It app has received good response.