China is once again giving the tone of the conversation, cheating…
China set up tents at violence site in Galvan Valley

new Delhi. On the one hand there are meetings between the officers for peace and on the other side the news is that China has put up tents at the place of violence in Galvan Valley. These tents have been installed at Petroling Point 14 of Galvan Valley. That is, China is cheating once again, which is the melody of dialogue. On Wednesday, the two-and-a-half-hour meeting between the officials of the two countries took place. In this meeting, China said that it agreed to work on the disengagement plan. Meaning Galvan is ready to retreat from the disputed site in the valley but this news that came late in the evening has exposed China's intentions once again. Restoring tents at disputed patrolling point 14 shows China's maneuver. Satellite images show that the Chinese military is presently at the mouth of Patrolling Point 14 on the LAC. India is sitting thinking that China will return but instead of removing the tents, it has built more tents and erected structures. 

In fact, India is continuously building roads in and around Galvan Valley and even now this work has not stopped. China is the Bachchan for this and this is the biggest reason for the increased tension between the two countries in the last two months. India has made its way to Patrolling Point 14 and the same thing is not liked by China, while China has made a road towards its occupied area in LAC. Two photographs from the month of May reveal the presence of the Chinese Army in Galvan Valley. In the photo of May 14, the number of Chinese soldiers suddenly began to increase. At the same time, the picture of May 27 showed that the activities of Chinese soldiers had started increasing here.

India kept constant pressure on China to move past Patrolling Point 14 to go back to its LAC part but China never accepted it. Explain that Patrolling Point 14 is like a junction and it is very special for both the countries. From here, China can see the road going towards Daulat Beg Oldi. Not only this, China can see India's position for about one kilometer. From this junction point, he can also keep an eye on his tent area. This camp area is ahead of the LAC at this time and anyone who stays here will be able to keep track of the routes on both sides. It seemed that the matter would be resolved through negotiations, but it is clear from the antics of China that it does not intend to solve the case. All these pictures say that China is not trustworthy. This is the reason why the Indian Army is also fully prepared. The army chief himself reached the spot to see the preparations. India is now watching every movement of China.