Indigenous cruise missile can hit up to 1000 km…
'Nirbhay' will liberate the enemies' sixes

New Delhi. In view of the prevailing conditions on the outskirts with China, the Defense Procurement Council has taken major decisions to make the army more powerful. Now Indian armies will get 1000 km of indigenous cruise missiles, new fighter aircraft, missiles to destroy enemy aircraft in the air and new multi-barrel rocket launchers. The proposal for a total of 38 thousand 900 crore has been approved in the meeting chaired by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. With this, the way has been cleared for the construction of India's first long range cruise missile Nirbhay.

On Thursday, the Defense Procurement Council has approved Rs 20400 crore for various indigenous defense products including Nirbhay. Nirbhay is India's first long-range cruise missile with a range of 1000 km. The Nirbhay missile makes infallible and deadly attacks on important enemy bases or warships. Along with this, it has been decided to speed up the construction of indigenous air-to-air weapon missile. Weapon missiles can destroy any enemy aircraft from 10 km to 160 km.

It can be fitted in all front line fighters of the Indian Air Force like Sukhoi, MiG 29, Mirage 2000 and Tejas. Along with this, a new regiment of indigenous multi-barrel rocket launcher Pinaka will also be prepared. Pinaka can fire 12 rockets in 44 seconds and its range is from 40 km to 75 km. To increase the strength of the Indian Air Force, the deal of 21 MiG-29 and -12 Sukhoi has also been approved from Russia. Along with this, a green signal has also been given for the upgrade of 59 MiG-29s of the Indian Air Force. The total cost of all these is close to Rs 18000 crores.