Talks will continue for peace…
Indian Army got an open exemption to deal with China

Efforts are constantly being made to reduce the tension between India and China for the last one month. On June 15, 20 soldiers of the Indian Army were killed in a clash with Chinese soldiers in Galvan Valley, after which there is anger in the country. Sensing this anger, now the army has been given a free hand from the government, if the Chinese soldiers provoke, then they should be given a proper answer. In such a situation, protocol is not to be seen, on the other hand India has kept the efforts of peace.

On Sunday, the Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had discussed with Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat and the heads of the three armies on the current dispute as well. If sources are to be believed, the army has been cleared by the government that they can take any action. It has been said by the government that if soldiers' lives are in danger and Chinese soldiers use dangerous weapons, then do not think of any protocol while self-defense.

Explain that there is agreement between the two countries that no one will shoot at the border, although the way China used sharp weapons without firing was also a violation of this agreement. That is, if now Chinese soldiers have some courage, then no protocol will be thought of while answering. On one hand, the army has been given an open exemption, on the other hand the path of dialogue has been kept completely open. If sources are to be believed, this week the two countries can once again have military and diplomatic level talks.

In this conversation, there can be discussion on removing the current tension, reversing the troops and implementing the situation before April. Let us know that there have been many rounds of discussion before this, but there is no talk between the two countries. In every conversation, it has been made clear from the Indian side that the Chinese soldiers should withdraw completely and implement the situation before April. But Chinese soldiers are not ready to accept this.

The political atmosphere in the country is also hot in the midst of the India-China dispute, opposition leaders including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi continue to attack the Modi government. The Opposition is asking the government to clarify the situation, as well as to give a befitting reply to the manner in which China has declared the Galvan Valley as its own. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denied any such claim of China.